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Crete, Greece

Welcome to Aristidis Villas & Houses

4 season accommodation

Creating a perfect escape for our guests, away from the hustle and bustle of the everyday life, is at the top of our priorities and a great challenge. You may as well choose the townhouse option that we offer you. So, we kindly welcome you and promise you a warm and friendly atmosphere, combined with an elegant decoration and furniture.

Your unforgettable experience is enhanced through our exclusive characteristic details that exceed the expectations of even the most demanding guests, such as the introduction to the Cretan culture, the special architecture, the magnificent view as well as the direct connection with nature and the village or the city.

Our facilities and hospitality ensure that your stay will remain etched in your memory. With our peaceful surroundings and luxurious amenities, we are the perfect retreat for couples, families or groups of friends.

Thank you for choosing us and we look forward to welcoming you soon!

Oh beloved places,
I have found you.

“A vacation is having nothing to do and all day to do it in.”

Lasithi Luxury Villa

Welcome to Lasithi Luxury Villa. The Villa is located in a privileged position, at the heart of a picturesque mountain village of beautiful Crete with an extremely enchanting view of the Lasithi Plateau. A place where according to mythology Zeus was born in the Diktaeon Andron cave and in the 1950s-1980s, it was one of the largest wind farms in Europe with around 13,000 windmills.

With its peaceful surroundings and luxurious amenities, we guarantee a fulfilling experience that you will want to relive for sure.

Heraklion City House

A ground floor house with private parking near the city center (HERAKLION) with easy access to the National Highway. Around the area you may find a supermarket, a pharmacy, and all the necessary amenities that you may need. It is an ideal house for families, couples or groups.

Aristidis House Plouti

Welcome to ARISTIDIS HOUSE PLOUTI, a country house built in 1930 with a long history. The tradition and the timeless stone, combined with the wooden details and the fireplace, are just a few of the features that will enchant you and make you immediately feel the Cretan warmth.

ARISTIDIS HOUSE PLOUTI is located in the traditional settlement of Plouti and the nearest airport is Heraklion International Airport, which is 41 km away. The house is only 25 km from famous Matala, 16 km from Phaistos, 4 km from the Messara Museum, 35 km from the center of Heraklion, and 42 km from Knossos Palace.

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Thank you for the wonderful comments you leave us.

“After so many travels all over the world, I can definitely say that this villa is probably the
most beautiful and welcoming place one can visit.
It is very large and can host 6 people. Fully equipped kitchen, large living room, 2 bathrooms, balcony, terrace with small private swimming pool.
The owners welcome you with ‘use anything we have in the house’, including all the food and drinks they have. They even bought raki, wine, jams, cookies and more.
This is Crete at its best. Europe at its best? Maybe even the world at its best.”
— for Luxury Villa

Welcome to Aristidos Villas & Houses

Σας καλωσορίζουμε λοιπόν και υποσχόμαστε σε μια ζεστή και φιλόξενη ατμόσφαιρα, σε συνδυασμό με μία κομψή διακόσμηση και επίπλωση.
Η αξέχαστη εμπειρία σας ενισχύεται μέσω των αποκλειστικών χαρακτηριστικών λεπτομερειών μας που ξεπερνούν τις προσδοκίες ακόμη και των πιο απαιτητικών επισκεπτών, όπως η γνωριμία με την Κρητική κουλτούρα, η ιδιαίτερη αρχιτεκτονική, η μαγευτική θέα καθώς και η επαφή με την φύση και το χωριό ή την πόλη.
Οι παροχές μας αλλά και η φιλοξενία, διασφαλίζει ότι η διαμονή σας θα μείνει ανεξίτηλη στην μνήμη σας. Με το γαλήνιο περιβάλλον και τις πολυτελείς ανέσεις, αποτελούμε το τέλειο καταφύγιο για ζευγάρια, οικογένειες ή παρέες φίλων.

Σας ευχαριστούμε που μας επιλέξατε και ανυπομονούμε να σας καλωσορίσουμε σύντομα!

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